Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we using English in our issues & PRs?

There are several reasons we're using English while communicating in GitHub Issues & PRs:

  1. It is more natural for software engineers to communicate in English because it involves many technical terms in English. Trying to translate them into Bahasa Indonesia poses a risk of miscommunication, while keeping them in English requires a lot of italic formatting, according to EYD V.
  2. It accustoms the contributors, which are primarily Indonesian, to communicate in English. Increasing our English reading and writing skills is essential because most global open-source communities use English as the primary language.
  3. It makes this project easier to be recognised globally. So if we need more support from the global communities, they could easily understand what we are doing and help us with their access and competence. e.g., providing us free credits for their services, advocating us to global leaders, or contributing directly to our codebase.